Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Journey To Self Realisation

Here are some of the Best Practices I learned from Robin Sharma's leadership literature:-

Morning Reading. Reading inspirational books makes a difference. Whether it's "50/50" or "It's Not About The Bike" by Lance Armstrong or something motivational like anything by Og Mandino, putting excellent mental fuel into your mind at the front end of your day fuels superb results. This practice just helps you remember what's most important in a world that is flooded with tech/things to distract you.-

Journal writing. Write about what your hopes and dreams are. Recreate the story you want your life to be. Do a gratitude list to get you off to a great start. Writing in a journal helps you to live with greater clarity and more deliberately.-

Excercising in the morning is a brilliant move. Boosts creativity/stamina and joy.

Use affirmations to lock your focus into who you want to become and what activities are most important -

Be grateful. Quickly review the good things in your life. Begin your day without thinking about the blessings in his life to the point where tears fill his eyes. Then - and only then - does he feel set to walk out into the world and play at his best. Love it.

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