Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Criminalization & Vampirism of Ragging

I am really shocked on the death of Amann a medical student who has been beaten to death in the name of ragging. Criminalization of ragging is totally unacceptable the perpetrators must get strictest punishment so as to act as a precedent to others.

My perception of ragging is that it is a light fun activity which acts as a catalyst in the process of merger of a new student with the institution & its existing students. It is a stepping stone toward building life long friendship & memories. In no way it should rag ones self esteem or cause any kind of trauma.

No one has a right to convert the dreams of a new student into nightmares. The seniors are mentors it is their responsibility to give new students a comfort zone so that they can adapt themselves in a new world. In most of the institution VAMPIRISM is going on One Senior ( oops sorry Vampire) sucks the blood of a fresher and makes them a vampire, next year those vampire do the same and the Vampirism continues to flourish.

If our education system cannot teach our youth the responsible use of their energy & freedom we can definitely implement strict discipline. If we cannot make our youth a Pigeon of Peace then don’t let them become Killing Vultures on their own.

Our educational system needs a complete overhauling, till the time this happens we have to make sure that healthy act of ragging does not take shape of heinous crime. I am not writing what we measures we can take to manage ragging as we all know what needs to be done. Incidents like these are happening because of our lethargy in implementing the policies & measures.

If we cannot manage ragging we should rather ban it completely, at least our youth is safe at the temples of education & the light of knowledge keeps glowing.

It’s frustrating that a bright soul went back to the source without sparkling the physical world with its illumination. I pray to lord that this kind of incidents does not happen hereafter, May Amman’s Soul rest in peace……†

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