Sunday, June 7, 2009

On The Recent Racist Attack On Asians Especially Indians

The human component of economically developed social structures should understand that when a social structure reaches the helm of economic advancement the process of entropy takes a faster pace.
To ensure that the human components continue to get the higher living standard as before following things are expected:
• There is sufficient human population in working segment of demographic distribution.
• People having wide variety of skill set are there.
• People demanding & spending there earning on wide variety of goods and services.
• People are saving money and are investing the money saved.
• Various Economic & human institutions are working efficiently with high integrity & transparency quotient.
• High sense of social responsibility & human awareness.

The Latest generation of human population in the economically developed social structures does not understand the worth of their development; most of them are focusing more on leisure less on the value of hard work & education. There is lack of responsibility toward the social structure they are living in resulting in imbalance, to maintain its existence the social structure has no option but to take the help of human population in economically weaker social structures like India, China, Brazil, Argentina etc wherein hard working population with high skill set at low cost & tantrum is available in abundance. People in these countries can do that same work at far cheaper rate however there in no fall in quality or integrity level in some cases quality is far better.

Now when the economic institutions in economically developed social structures are moving their operations to more financially viable social structures, why the people are getting agitated?

You reap what you sow, the rule of this technology driven Millennium is EITHER GET UP OR GET LOST


At the moment you are killing the people from economically weaker social structures having no fault of their own, I know it hurts when one looses his/her job however it hurts even more when your son/daughter dies without a fault of their own.

What will you do when technologies like tele presence, tele medicine, virtual manufacturing etc get developed to their maturity?

Then my friend you won’t have anyone to kill as everything will be online.

Economically weaker social structures are not a threat rather they are a great business opportunity in making, look at the latent demand waiting to be unleashed. So it’s a high time to take a deep dive in future & to understand that Pen is mightier than sword. Start focusing on the points enumerated above and makes this world a better place to live for everyone.

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